Press: “Posted Up! | Glenn Robinson III”

While he’s looking forward to his eventual return to the court, Robinson has used the hiatus to spend time reflecting with family.

Here’s more on what he’s been up to…

Robinson has been quarantining at his home in suburban Indianapolis, where he’s enjoying time with his daughter. He’s built up a steady morning routine, which looks something like this:

“I try to always keep my same morning routine. Wake up, have breakfast, I’m a coffee guy, I’ve got coffee, read my bible. I always write to my daughter – write a letter to her every day. Then I do a little workout that I can do in the basement, then try to go outside and take a short run or walk with my dogs, get some fresh air.”

As for his career, Robinson has taken every possible opportunity to stay ready for whatever is to come.

“Just trying to prepare myself and stay ready. It’s very weird. [My] mom used to tell me, don’t dribble the ball in the house – that’s all I’m doing right now.”

The hiatus has also allowed Robinson time to look back and reflect by watching some of his old highlights:

“I’ve been catching myself going to YouTube, watching old highlights, watching old games. I know they had the [University of] Michigan games on. I was watching myself from back in the day. Really just trying to keep entertained, try to keep going.”

Some fun facts about Glenn…

  • His favorite color is blue.
  • He considers himself both a morning person and a night owl.
  • Glenn’s favorite sport other than basketball is football – he was a receiver growing up, and his brother still plays today.
  • His favorite vegetable is grilled broccoli (he’s been firing up his own grill more often lately).
  • Dogs > cats. “I grew up around them, I’ve got a pitbull mixed with terrier.”
  • Jamaica is favorite vacation destination.
  • His quarantine watchlist includes Vikings and Ballers.

Another fun fact: Glenn has a flip phone.

“It was a goal of mine to go just a month with it, and I went two months with the flip phone. I wanted to go low tech, rather than high tech, I wanted to tone it down a notch. Really, social media and stuff like that isn’t who I am, so just wanted to hit the reset button for myself… just be simple with it.”

One of his younger teammates was baffled by the cell phone choice.

“[Matisse Thybulle] thought I was crazy. He didn’t know me, and I walked in with a flip phone. He always thought I was crazy for that. I wasn’t in the team group messages, I couldn’t zoom call, so I had to get my iPhone back [in quarantine].”

Five things Glenn can’t live without in quarantine:

  • Water
  • Food
  • Music
  • Phone
  • Family

Robinson signed off with a message to fans:

“I appreciate everybody still supporting myself, the team, the organization. It’s rough times for everybody – prayers up to everybody’s family, and health. It’s the most important thing before sports, before anything. Just really praying for everybody out there, just continue to be safe during this time. Hopefully we can get back out soon, put on a show, and really get the entertainment and excitement side back in the groove of things. I know the fans miss us, and we miss them.”

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