Press: “76ers’ Glenn Robinson III Launches Fundraising Campaign Through Ari Foundation”

Members of the Philadelphia 76ers have been quite vocal and active over the last week. Following the death of George Floyd, many members of the Sixers have searched for ways to protest in support of Floyd and the Black Lives Matter movement. And 76ers’ veteran forward, Glenn Robinson III, became the latest to get involved on Friday.

In a statement on Friday, Robinson revealed he would be launching a fundraising campaign through his non-profit, the ARI Foundation, to help fight racism, police brutality, social injustice, and inequality. 

Robinson’s Statement:

“The ARI Foundation stands in support of Black Lives Matter and will infinitely support the fight to end racism, police brutality, social injustice, and inequality through actionable steps and measures. Black men, women, children, and families lives matter.” 

“We need our black fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, family, and friends to take things beyond this social media post. We have partnered with Sojourner Truth House, Brother’s Keeper, and Genius organizations based in Gary, Indiana. We will be launching a fundraising campaign and our founder Glenn Robinson III will be matching the funds raised for these organizations.” 

Robinson’s ARI Foundation was created to “empower fathers with essential resources that will allow them to be the best dads they can be.” But in this case, Robinson and the foundation are looking to contribute beyond helping just the fathers of Gary, Indiana (Robinson’s hometown), and are doing all they can to help generate money to help out the community as a whole.

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